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Penn Global Marketing's leadership team has a rich history. With relationships that span several decades this team of highly skilled professionals is focused on serving the career professionals that represent the company as well as the clients that put their trust in the company's services.

Our support staff throughout the country has also been with us a very long time and is truly dedicated to excellent customer service.

Steve Gaffney

CEO | St. Louis

Steve Gaffney, the CEO, and President has been with Penn Global Marketing for decades. After honorably serving our country in the Army, Mr. Gaffney took a position in a plastics factory in St. Charles, Illinois.  While this was steady work at the time, the position did not provide Mr. Gaffney with the upward mobility he was seeking for the long term. After joining the organization that is now Penn Global Marketing, Mr. Gaffney quickly established credentials as a top personal producer, manager, and then national leader, as he began raising the performance bar of the company. With a keen ability to develop the leadership skills of others, Steve evolved over time into the key person to lead the company during a transition period beginning in 2012. Today, with the mentorship culture in place, the company services hundreds of thousands of clients through 300 hundred plus career sales professionals. Steve and his wife Kathi are the proud parents of 2 daughters and grandparents to 5.

Richard Frommling

Senior Manager | 5 Star

Rick Frommling on the outside is an easy-going, jovial kind of guy.  On the inside, he has a passion and drive only found in extraordinary leaders. He joined the company in 1985 after his career path in the grocery business was not providing him with the right opportunities. Since that time, Rick has managed to earn every award the company established and is today the Senior Regional Manager for the 5 Star Region. He is also a member of the Executive Council of PGM. Rick is married to Meg and the proud father of 8.

Sutter Smith

Senior Manager | Mid South

Sutter completed his BBA from Jackson State University in 1984, and in that same year made his final career move joining Penn Global Marketing. Having shown an incredible work ethic and propensity to lead people, Sutter was regularly promoted. Now as a Senior Regional Manager and part of the Executive Council he leads a team of managers and agents setting the standards for all to follow. He is married to Sharolyn and they are the proud parents of two sons.

The great Steve Job’s once said “your time is limited so don’t’ waste it living someone else’s life” and based on the success stories in the MidSouth Region, Sutter has not wasted a single minute.

Joe Aiello

Senior Manager | Atlantic

Joe Aiello joined the company in Dayton, Ohio in 2005 after graduating from Ohio University where he was a collegiate wrestler. This was his first career position and Joe’s upward rise came quickly. After just 1 1/2 years, he left the company for a brief period thinking that the opportunity might be better elsewhere.  It was not, and within a year he returned and reestablished his star credentials. When the opportunity arose, Joe moved his family to Charlotte, NC to become the Senior Regional Manager of the Atlantic Region. He is married to Sara and they are the proud parents of 4 children under the age of 8.

David Heckler

Senior Manager | Mid America

David Heckler joined the company in 1990. On paper, he was not a top-shelf candidate, as he had 27 previous jobs, but inside, he was a masterpiece waiting to be sculpted. During his illustrious career, he has not only qualified for the Presidents Club 24 times but done so as a #1 Personal producer 11 times and 6 times as a Manager. One thing for sure, he beams with pride when discussing his daughter Paige. David’s career shows us the value of Stephen Covey’s philosophy of “begin with the end in mind”.

Matt Noufer

Senior Manager | Suncoast

In 1985 Matt Noufer answered an ad in the Indianapolis newspaper and met 2 gentlemen who would be his mentors for the next decade. He proved to be, first a great student and then a tremendous teacher. Today he is the Senior Regional Manager for the Suncoast operation with offices throughout CO & FL. He has qualified for the President’s club 28 times, 3 of which as an All American. He is married to Andrea and proud father to 5 children.
Zig Ziglar once wrote; “you can have anything in your life that you want if you help enough other get what they want” and we cannot think of a better quote which describes Matt Noufer.

Bob Timbrook

Senior Manager | Great West

Bob Timbrook joined the company in 1987 as a young man and instantly set out to make his mark.  Oh, how he has done that - as a 24 time President’s Club qualifier with 8 of them being the # 1 manager. He is also a 10-year member of the Star Achievers and a Grand Diamond trainer in the Diamond Club. Bob certainly has lived leadership by example. He is the proud father of 3 children and a saying that his mother gave him has proved very valuable: “live your life every day as if it’s rigged in your favor!”

Scott Widell

Senior Manager | Sunbelt

Scott Widell joined the company in 1978 working in the shadow of one of the company’s greatest – his father “Don”.  To list Scott’s achievements would be rather lengthy and in 1994 was promoted to the state manager of TX.  Since that time he has become the leader of the Sunbelt Region, one of the company’s most successful operations. Scott is married to Debra Graves and the proud father of 5 children.  
Scott once described the Penn Global Marketing opportunity as: “You are about to embark on a most exciting business opportunity”, and this actually documents his life story.

Kamran Zoghi

Senior Manager | Capital

Kamran Zoghi started with Penn Global Marketing in 1986 but he had a little harder road than most as he was in the process of learning to speak English. To say he learned the language well would be a gross understatement, for he has won 29 President’s Club and has been #1 for 18 of those years, and in the top 3 all 29. If you were to look up the words work ethic, integrity or leadership, in the dictionary you should see his picture next to the description. Kamran has been married for 25 years to Shadi, and together they are the proud parents of a son and a daughter.

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