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Out of the seeds of ambition and independence in 2012, a new company vision was created and initiated.  Penn Global Marketing (PGM) was formed on the premise that leaders are developed with constant training, support, and encouragement.  Our history dates back many decades.

In the beginning, it was 1975 when a young man, age 25, named Steve Gaffney was not being motivated by his job at a plastics factory in Saint Charles, Il.   He saw an ad in the newspaper which read “busy executive looking for help” and that was the beginning of a success story which has touched so many lives. Mr. Gaffney’s journey began in Illinois and over time migrated to Washington, DC and eventually settling in St. Louis, MO. where PGM’s headquarters are located.  Along the journey, Mr. Gaffney developed successful sales teams and a generation of leaders evolved. Today, PGM has 9 regions and the leadership of these groups has been together for over 400 years. 

What makes Penn Global Marketing different you may ask?  Leadership by example!  Every person is responsible for their own effort and success but has mentors to teach and guide them.   A career with PGM provides a new recruit with hands-on training both in a classroom but even more importantly in front of clients and prospects. Penn Global Marketing represents some of the top companies in the industry and is committed to having the best people as part of our sales team.  

If you’ve been searching for the career you can call home, or if you feel stagnated in your current position, then PGM may be the place for you.  If you are willing to lo learn, follow a proven system and wake up each day with a desire to succeed then the PGM’s management team is interested in talking with you.

"Our most valuable asset is our people."

Steve Gaffney - CEO

  • 'Great team of experienced and seasoned agents that are willing to share their knowledge with new agents. Terrific work environment.' - Branch Manager in Jackson, MS
  • 'I took the risk of becoming my own boss and being self employed. Though it is tough to be your own boss sometimes, the rewards are endless and there is no ceiling to your success. Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty, sometimes you've gotta make a change. Now after 10+ years with the company it was easily one of the best choices I've ever made.' - Agent in Sioux City, IA
  • 'The opportunity is there to achieve the goals and ambitions that you have. The support and genuine concern for myself and my family are what has made my decision to be in business with PGM a great one. With the leadership and vision of the CEO, I know the opportunity is only getting better each and every day.' - Trainer in Springfield, IL
  • 'The first pro is that my career choice allows me to help and provide services for everyone in my community. The second would be the financial freedom this career choice provides for me and my family. The third and certainly not least is the people I am in business with. I trust and can depend on them as if they are part of my family.' - District Sales Manager in Jackson, MS
  • 'I have been working with this company for over 15 years. It has been a great run. You can set your own schedule. The passive income I now receive has allowed me to spend great quality time with my family during the times when I needed to make it count. It has also allowed me to pursue other personal dreams as well. However, with any business, it takes the willingness to work. This is an effort based business; the more effort you put in, the greater the rewards. There is no one to stop you.' - Sales and Marketing Representative
  • 'Strong company with dynamic leadership and mentoring programs. Family atmosphere that is lacking in most other organizations. Rich history filled with very successful and hard working individuals. Services a market that is growing exponentially. Ability to earn what you are actually worth rather than what someone else thinks you deserve.' - Sales Manager in Grand Rapids, MI
  • 'Great company with lots of opportunity for management growth and earning potential.' - Anonymous Agent
  • 'I've had a fantastic career with Penn Global Marketing. I have built relationships within the organization and with clients that have impacted me in an incredible way. This is more than a job. This is a career that has the potential to change your life; not only financially, but spiritually and emotionally.' - Regional Manager in Huntersville, NC

Joe Aiello - Regional Manager

Rick Frommling - Regional Manager

Sydney Katz

Sutter Smith - Regional Manager

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